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massage services

We offer a range of fantastic massages from back &shoulder, elbows, feet, legs, and lymphatic drainage.


Oils &
Hand creams


We offer a range of oils that can help with hot flushes, depressions, migraines, theroid problems and insect bites.




Have a look at our festival schedule so you can find us for a nice relaxing massage.


Welcome to Speedwell Healing

At Speedwell Healing we offer bespoke holistic treatments created especially for the individual using oils chosen by you the client. At all times you will remain in control of decisions about your treatment. We Offer a range of service from aromatherapy, deep tissue massage or gentle massage which ever is most appropriate for you.

For a more comprehensive look at what we can offer you, please take a look at our services page.

Enjoy Our Deep Tissue Massage

I use my hands to stroke, massage and then press deep into the muscles to break up areas of muscle tissue which have become solid and stiff. When this deeper muscle tissue becomes solid it constricts the flow of blood and lymph thus allowing a build up of toxins which further exasperates the problem.
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Arms & Elbows

Gentle massage around the elbow then the upper arm.

Neck & Shoulders

Extremely beneficial for those suffering from stress, tension & depression.

A wide Range of Holistic Treatments

Bespoke holistic treatments created especially for the individual using oils chosen by you the client. At all times will you remain in control of decisions about your treatment.
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We also calming treatments for pets.

Hand Cream

Bespoke hand cream tailored to your personal needs.

Mobile Service

Speedwell Healing offers a mobile serivce that is willing to travel across North Yorkshire to meet your needs. An additional 40p per mile will be charged on top of the cost of your treatment.

Speedwell Healing Latest News & Blog

Speedwell Healing News & Blog
I am currently studying Reiki and Animal Reiki so I hope to add those services to the business soon. I felt they might enhance the business if I had someone who, for whatever reason, couldn't manage a deep tissue massage. I have just received an orde...
Speedwell Healing News & Blog
I have now completed all my treatments and orders so can close down the business for the holiday period. I will be back in the New Year when I begin my 3rd year of trading
Speedwell Healing News & Blog
I am continuing to treat my regular clients and picked up one or 2 new ones recently. I ended up treating a dog the other day as it had scratched all its hair off in several large patches. It had been backwards and forwards to the vet who is sure it ...
Speedwell Healing News & Blog
Well just completed my last festival for 2018 and as usual it was a busy weekend. Picked up several new clients who were very pleased with their treatment. As we are coming up to winter now, despite at the moment feeling like summer, people are begin...
Speedwell Healing News & Blog
Orders and bookings are coming in thick and fast for my final festival for this year. Dark nights and cold weather is kick starting people to deal with all their aches and pains to hit the winter months in the best possible shape. I am sure my custom...

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