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Festival News

It has been a rather busy but successful few weeks and I have now taken on further festivals to ply my trade. Hopefully I will get round to adding these new festivals to the list on here as well as getting the diary up and running. I seem to be trying to run through treacle at the moment but will eventually get there. On the positive side I continue to get great feedback from very satisfied customers. I am now picking up bookings for the next few festivals including the next festival at Kelso in October
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Busy week

I seem to have had a very busy week this week. I have done several massages, made up lotions and potions and have now run out, or nearly run out of several of my key oils so I have had to do a big order to replenish them. Despite tomorrow being a bank holiday I am working all day so that another day when I haven't the time to get my diary put on here. If I don't manage to get it on before the weekend then I am away at a festival this week then again next weekend. I have had several requests to attend other festivals most of whom have got me rooms to work in and 1 of them is a booking for February 2018 in a Scarborough hotel. I am picking up a number of bookings for both festivals now and have several orders that need preparing before I go. All good positive stuff from my point of view
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Busy times

Unfortunately I have been so busy at festivals doing massages and taking orders for treatments that I haven't had time to post on here but I have squeezed in a few minutes between making up orders to up date you all. I have done my first 2 festivals of the season and have done well at both picking up new clients and doing massages on existing clients. I came home from both with a number of orders many who are leaving me to mix them up creams or oils to help with an existing condition. I also made contact with existing customers who have ordered repeats of their treatments so all looking positive. I have had several new requests from festival organisers to bring Speedwell Healing to their venues so will be up dating the festival diary within the next few days
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Building my calendar

Tomorrow I will be building my calendar on here so anyone interested in having treatment can check if I have any spaces before they contact me. This could take me quite some time as I will have to factor in any travelling time as well as the actual treatment time as I will be blocking out the times I am unavailable. Obviously I will not be putting any names on here due to medical confidentiality. I also need to make up a couple of bottles of flea/tick treatment for dogs as I have orders for tomorrow night when I go to the clients for their massages
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Next instalment

Another busy week doing massages and testing out the work tent/massage room for our festivals where we have to be outdoors. The tent was put up in the garden and it is massive. Certainly not small enough for me to put up alone but there is always plenty of people around to help if I need it. Have taken orders for 3 bottles of flea/tick oil for the dogs which are completely natural and smell divine. All the customers want their bottles next time I go to do their massages so I don't have to post them. Next job is putting up the gazebo that I use for my indoor work to make sure that the curtains that I got actually cover the windows and make a dividing curtain for me to work behind and are not too heavy.
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My background

I had begun my interest in herbal treatments before I found out that in fact my great great grandmother and great grandmother were the local wise women for Rosedale in North Yorkshire. My great great grandmother was the first generation to leave the road as true a Romany family. She used to administer to the miners in their bothy when they worked in the ironstone mines. My great grandmother burnt all her recipe books the day before she died as although she had 12 children not one of them had inherited her 'gift' nor had any of her grandchildren up to that point. I have done some research and it would appear that none of my Dad's cousins nor their children have the 'gift' of mixing or researching herbal treatments although a few have an interest. As I am the end of my family line I guess all I put together over the next few years will cease to be practiced after my demise.
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My 1st weekly blog

It has been an interesting week or rather 10 days as the website went live last week and I had to then have training on how to put blogs on and do some administration tasks. I think I have mastered the blogs other things seem to be alluding me so I have had to as my friendly website builder to assist me. Good job he is on the end of a phone or email to keep me right. I tried to set up a Twitter account for this business but got myself in a muddle so my friendly guy took it over and set it up for me. You can find it on @speedwell_heal mind you I still haven't worked out how to use it yet. I can see other tweets but how to put anything on there seems beyond me. Think we might have to have some more training on that one! Then on Friday they set me up with a simple calendar on the website so I can add my appointments in and block out any unavailable days. This gives my clients the chance to check if I have any availability on a particular day before they contact me. I still have to actually go through the diary and fill in the spaces yet but am leaving that for another day
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