Arms & Elbow

Clients often find problems with these as a result of poor circulation, old sports injuries or effects of early arthritis. All respond to the same type and sequence of massage. Starting with the hand warm the muscles and joints pinching and releasing each finger in turn. Travel up the forearm to the elbow. Gently massage around the elbow then up the upper arm to the shoulder. Return down the arm repeating the same actions finishing with the finger ends. Repeat with the other arm. Cover the arms and leave the client to rest.


Legs and knees is similar but start at the toes work up the foot around the ankle bone, up the lower leg, around the knee and up the thigh. Return back down the leg to the toes and repeat on the other leg. Again cover the legs and leave the client.

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Arms & Elblows and Legs & Knees massage

Arms & Elbows

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